At first, it is good to make sure you have the right version of GeoWin and 32bit GeoWin for 32bit CAD or 64bit GeoWin for 64bit CAD.

If you have the right version and problems still persist, it might be caused by antivirus (Windows defender or other). Try having it turned off during instalation.

Some antiviruses give false positive claims.

Another obstacle might be Windows smartscreen. In case of geowin it is enough to click agree and install

Výsledek obrázku pro windows smartscreen


To work right, during installation GeoWin puts down a key for self-loading of ARX file to the register to AutoCAD/BricsCAD and also writes down two ways to the file GeoWin to searching way of CAD. You can find those in CAD by command _options. Entries like this should appear:

  • C:\Program files\GeoWinMap (GeoWinDTM) // the program itself
  • C:\Users\Public\Documents\GeoWin // files modifiable by user (GeoWin Map only)

Rectification of AutoCAD and BricscCAD is fairly easy. After running CAD set off command _appload and load ARX file from the GeoWin file.  

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